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Alido Fabrics is a brand owned by Oluwatosin ololade, a biochemistry student. She started her fabric business this year with her feeding allowance. She shared her story with us.

STREETCATED: What is your name?
Alido Fabrics: Oluwatosin ololade.
STREETCATED: Where do you school?
Alido Fabrics: Olabisi onabanjo university.
STREETCATED: What kind of business do you do?
Alido Fabrics: I sell quality ankara fabrics.

STREETCATED: How did you start this business?
Alido Fabrics: I started jokingly, the day is still very fresh in my brain, I just decided I want to do something with my time. I really want to know how its like to get my own money.
STREETCATED: Interesting. When did you start the business?
Alido Fabrics: I just started like few months ago. I started march ending.
STREETCATED: Was it out of passion or out of survival?
Alido Fabrics: It was out of passion and monetizing the knowledge I have.

STREETCATED: Were there challenges?
Alido Fabrics: Yes, there were. There were challenges of money because you need capital to start this business. I started with my food money though.
STREETCATED: How did you overcome those challenges?
Alido Fabrics: It was Gods doing.
STREETCATED: Do you have a name for your business?
Alido Fabrics: Yes, its called ALIDO FABRICS ENTERPRISE.

STREETCATED: Do you think there’s shame in what you do?
Alido Fabrics: No shame at all.
STREETCATED: How do you get your customers?
Alido Fabrics: Its been God, through Classmates, church friends, friends of friends, parents… etc.
STREETCATED: How do you get the clothes?
Do you pay some kind of commission for it?
Alido Fabrics: Most times the company deliver them to me.
Yes, I pay them back after selling.

STREETCATED: Interesting. How do you see the business now?
Alido Fabrics: its been good so far. I thank God.

STREETCATED: That’s great. Do you buy in bulk?
Alido Fabrics: Yes I do, I sell as a wholesaler and I also sell in retail. It all depends on how fast I sell them.
STREETCATED: So, to start this business you don’t really need money but trust and the ability to deliver?
Alido Fabrics: Yes. You need trust and your marketing skill must be good. If in a week you are able to market 50 pieces there are commission.
STREETCATED: If you can sell 50 pieces, how much do you get as commission?

Alido Fabrics: Over 10,000 as commission.

STREETCATED: That’s good, so where do you get your fabrics?
Are they Nigeria product?

Alido Fabrics: No, they are not Nigeria products. We get them directly from Ghana.
STREETCATED: Do you pay for the transportation of the goods?
Alido Fabrics: Yes, we do.
STREETCATED: How much do you sell?

‬ Alido Fabrics: The company price is 1500. We sell for 1500-2000, but for the wholesalers, we reduce the price.
STREETCATED: how do you combine this lucrative business with school?
Alido Fabrics: Advertisement has made the work easy, I dont go around waiting for someone to buy, I advertise on WhatsApp massively and I just face my school work after that. If people want to buy, they message me and I deliver.
STREETCATED: Is this business affecting your academic performance?
Alido Fabrics: Not at all.
STREETCATED: Do you stop doing your business during exams?
Alido Fabrics: No, I dont.

STREETCATED: What are your plans for this business?
Alido Fabrics: To establish d company name all over d world.
STREETCATED: What are your plans after school?
Alido Fabrics: Work and business
STREETCATED: Who linked you to this business idea?
Alido Fabrics: One of my very good friend.
STREETCATED: What are your advice to students who really want to go into what you do?
Alido Fabrics: Be prayerful, be trust worthy and be patient with your customers.
STREETCATED: We’d like to have your social media handles in case of people who would like to reach you, and get to see what you’ve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you
Alido Fabrics: For social media they could link us up following this link:
Phone number: 08174453033
Instagram: Alidofabrics Enterprise.

Streetcated: Thanks for giving us your time, I hope when next we call you for a podcast, youd find time to grace the studio so as to impact knowledge into this generation
Alido Fabrics: I look forward to that.

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