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Adeyanju Joy is a student of Babcock University who is into cloth customization admist other things as a side hustle in school. She shared with us how she started and how she was able to combine school with it.

STREETCATED: What is your name?
Anel Pelz: My name is Adeyanju Joy.
STREETCATED: What is your educational background?
Anel Pelz: Graduated from Babcock University High School.
Currently studying social work at Babcock University.
STREETCATED: What level are you in?
Anel Pelz: 300 level.
STREETCATED: What kind of business are you into?
Anel Pelz: I own a clothing line and I’m working towards selling other things apart from clothes.

STREETCATED: When did you start?
Anel Pelz: I started 2017.
STREETCATED: What made you to start?
Anel Pelz: I started because I wanted to be financially independent.
STREETCATED: So how has the business been so far?
Anel Pelz: Not bad
STREETCATED: Were there doubts when you started?
Anel Pelz: Yeah But Im glad I started.

Adeyanju Joy CEO Anel Pelz Collection

STREETCATED: What are the challenges you face in this line of business?
Anel Pelz: Rude customers and brand advertisement.

STREETCATED: How did you overcome these challenges?

Anel Pelz: About rude customers, I try my best to be polite. And for the brand advertisement, I’m still working on it.
STREETCATED: How much did you start with?
Anel Pelz: I started with thirty thousand naira.
STREETCATED: How do you get your products?
Anel Pelz: Sometimes I do them myself, sometimes I order.
STREETCATED: What’s the name of your brand?
Anel Pelz: Anel_pelz
STREETCATED: How much do you sell your products?
Anel Pelz: The way I sell my products depends on what you are buying. So, it varies.
STREETCATED: How do you get your customers?
Anel Pelz: Anyone or anybody you meet can be a customer. So, getting customers for me is not fixed to a particular set of people, way or method.

STREETCATED: Do students patronize you often?
Anel Pelz: Yes, they do.
STREETCATED: Can anyone do this type of business?
Anel Pelz: I think so.

STREETCATED: If you had to look back to when you started, do you feel like there has been a huge change in productivity and amount of purchase?
STREETCATED: Do you sow your products or they are ready made?
Anel Pelz: I do both.
STREETCATED: How has been the profit since you started?
Anel Pelz: Been great

STREETCATED: What do you customize on your product?
Anel Pelz: It Depends Sometimes I come up with write up and sometimes I write what people want.
STREETCATED: Is this business stressful?
Anel Pelz: Yea, it is.

STREETCATED: How do you combine business with school work?
Anel Pelz: I make sure I create time for both daily, try not to get distracted and put God first.

STREETCATED: Is anyone affecting the other?
Anel Pelz: No.
STREETCATED: How do you manage your time?
Anel Pelz: Took time management lecture and it helped me a great deal.

STREETCATED: What’s your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you?
Anel Pelz: Don’t let people who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of yours.
STREETCATED: We’d like to have your social media handles in case of people who would like to reach you, and get to see what you’ve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you
Anel Pelz: Ig: Anel_pelz_collection
STREETCATED: Thanks for giving us your time, I hope when next time we call you for a podcast, you’ll find time to grace the studio so as to impact knowledge into this generation
Anel Pelz: You are always welcome.

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