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Meet Ayo_Lee, a biochemistry finalist from Olabisi Onabanjo University who we’ll call a 4 in 1 package. He’s an event host, master of ceremonies, compere and a comedian. He made us realise talking isn’t just talking but a big business. Click on the link and learn one or two things from Emcee Ayo.


Oladejo Ayoola aka EmCee Ayo_Lee

STREETCATED: What is your name?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Oladejo Ayoola aka EmCee Ayo_Lee.
STREETCATED: Where do you school?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I am a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.
STREETCATED: Whats your course of study and level?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Biochemistry, 400Level.
STREETCATED: What kind of business do you do?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I’m an Event Host, Compere, Master of Ceremony & Comedian.
STREETCATED: What made you start this business?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Yeah… The passion for talking and the love for the microphone coupled with my talent. I’m a fun lover who doesn’t like dull moments.
STREETCATED: Can you tell us what event hosting and compere is all about?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: As an event host/compere, the programme outline is determined by you.

It’s about organising, determining how a program/event goes and developing ideas for the success of a program/event.
STREETCATED: So basically, these are the reason why you started?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Yes. I have wanted to stand in front of people, making them laugh, bringing fun to events.

STREETCATED: How did it all start?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I have heard people tell me i’m funny, and also people who have influenced my decision to also going into the business.
It started after meeting with Woli Arole & Dr. Frick at a program (Tales of a Rugged believer) in Abeokuta and I felt I could do what they do. So, I started working on myself, then an opportunity came to host church’s program (praise evening) which I did without being paid. I got my first paid event in 2017, thanks to friends who believed in me and referred me for the job. And ever since then Its been all good.

STREETCATED: You dont have stage fright?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Lol. That was when I first started. Then you are scared of the response of your audience. But it’s part of the job, if you are too shy and you can’t face your audience, that’s what I call “onset failure”.
STREETCATED: You’re not a shy person?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I don’t really think I am.
But when I am on the job, I try as much as possible to enjoy myself, communicate with my audience and have fun which relieves me of every shyness or nervousness.
STREETCATED: What are the qualities one must have to become an event host/master of ceremony?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Confidence, good oratory skill, dexterity, nice appearance, creativity and spontaneity. They are very key qualities one must have to survive in this line of business.
STREETCATED: When did you start?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I will say I started officially 2017. So, I’m a budding event host/mc lol.
STREETCATED: How has it been since you started?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: It’s been good. Thanks to God, I get nice reviews from people.
STREETCATED: What are the challenges in this business?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: The challenges are basically those in charge of the events, when they fail to do their job, the blame is on the MC. For example, an event slated for 2pm that doesn’t start until 4pm due to the organiser’s fault and you already have people waiting, so as an MC it’s a challenge because you have to get people’s interest back into the program because it’s possible they are already bored or tired. But if you are creative enough, you can always pull through.
And there’s also the challenge of people not wanting to pay well. The tell you “is it not just to talk”, but they fail to realise talking is big business.

STREETCATED: How do you tackle those challenges?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I try to accept them as part of the growing phase in which Im in and stay focused.
STREETCATED: Are there times where you feel discouraged?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I don’t think so. I see myself as a work in progress. I learn from my mistakes and try to be better next time.
STREETCATED: How many events have you anchored so far?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Done about 15 events officially and I got paid for.
STREETCATED: Do you prepare for every event the same way?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Definitely not. Different approach for different events.
STREETCATED: Do you have a fixed price you charge?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: For now, no. It depends on the type of event but there’s a minimum to which I can go. So, if it goes beyond that, it’s no deal for me.
STREETCATED: Does this business require money to start?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I don’t think so. But you must have a good wardrobe. Appearance matters. You don’t want to appear at events and look like a beggar.
STREETCATED: How do you balance this side hustle with school?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: You must try finding a balance, setting your priorities right. It’s a matter of time.
STREETCATED: And during exams how do you cope?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: I try not to take events around that time especially if it’s a demanding one that involves traveling.
STREETCATED: How do you get your clients?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Some from my social media accounts and I get some of my clients through other clients I have worked for before. But most of my clients have been through referrals.

STREETCATED: So, you have to package yourself for every event?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Yes. And get new ideas for whatever event you are going for.

STREETCATED: Whats Your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you?
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Be bold to face your fears, get creative and work on your oratory skills.
STREETCATED: Wed like to have your social media handles in case people would like to reach you, and get to see what youve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you.
EmCee Ayo_Lee: Social Media accounts
Twitter: @hayoolla
IG: legendaryayo_Lee
FB page: Ayo_Lee

Contact us on +2348092209871 & +2348146314594 if youd like to have an exclusive interview with us. This is to inspire others who really want to start something.
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