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“I work through my exams Everyday. All day… I don’t see one as more important. I see them as equally important. It takes one order to change my life and I don’t want to be unavailable when that order comes in”  BiigTee
One of Olabisi Onabanjo University Big Business Tycoon, BiigTee who has done over 200 cakes and is always delivering to different state is the first student we interviewed today. BiigTee is one very busy student who find a way to balance education and business. We asked him some questions we think people who wants to venture into his line of business would. Please read through and be motivated.


Streetcated: please what’s your name
BiigTee: My name is Olajuwon Robin.C. Temitayo
Streetcated: Where do you school?
BiigTee: I am a final year student of Pharmacology. Studying at Olabisi Onabanjo University.
Streetcated: What kind of business do you do?
BiigTee: I am a baker.
BiigTee: I own the BiigTee Cake Brand and manage the affairs of the company. I am also the sole baker of the company.
Streetcated: Wow! Why that business out of all other businesses around?
BiigTee: Passion… I think my passion for baking even at the home level for the family was strong enough to make what I love doing profitable.
Streetcated: So, you’ve been baking before you even became a student of olabisi onabanjo university?
BiigTee: Precisely. Been baking since my secondary school days. But not professionally.
Streetcated: When did you started professionally?
BiigTee: When you monetize your passion, you have to add a significant level of professionalism to it. BiigTee Bakery officially launched on Aug 31st 2016. So that’s when my professional career kick started.
Streetcated: Were your parents cool with you having a start up at that time?
BiigTee: No, they weren’t. They saw it as a major distraction. Especially my dad. But now, he is the one giving me business tips lol.

Streetcated: And you were able to convince them or you just went ahead to start without their consent?
BiigTee: I had their consent. But u know Nigerian parents. They will give you the go ahead but still worry. I have always shown myself to be responsible so getting their consent was easy.
Streetcated: Was it self-thought or you had to pay to learn and develop from there
BiigTee: I am self-taught. I once paid for a tutoring class organised in school. But they were teaching things I already knew, I didn’t bother seeing it through.
Streetcated: You just develop your own art and style?
BiigTee: Exactly.
Streetcated: What were the challenges you faced when your started?
BiigTee: Yeah. There were challenges. Financial and mental.
Financial constraints were huge even after investing all my savings then. And mentally, the encouragement and belief were lacking. People felt I was doing a woman’s work.

Streetcated: Were you discouraged at the beginning of your star up?
BiigTee: Very discouraged. I remember calling my mom and saying… “Mom, this business isn’t meant for me… Instead of making profits. I am running in losses And she said “The beginning is always the hardest. Keep pushing son”.
Streetcated: And those words she said were just enough to make you continue pushing?
BiigTee: Oh yes
Streetcated: How did you now overcome these challenges especially it being stereotypical
BiigTee: If YOU don’t believe in YOUR hustle… Who will?
Streetcated: Nobody, I repeat nobody!

Streetcated: How much did you start with if I may ask?
BiigTee: About 300k
Streetcated: Wow! 300k is a big money!
When you tell people you bake; do you feel ashamed?
BiigTee: Na… Never… Especially when I am a baker with a difference… It’s hard to sit in a room full of bakers and see 2 people with the same skill set as I. I feel Unique and that’s something to be proud of.
Streetcated: When was the breakthrough for you in this business?

BiigTee: I can’t really remember. But like they say. Drops of water fill a bucket.
Streetcated: Hope your first client wasn’t disappointed?
BiigTee: Not at all. My first client was Pastor Wole. CSF president of then. And he loved his cake. I have improved tremendously since then.
Streetcated: This cake business must be huge. I thought a few pans and a few flours here and there is what you need to start with.
BiigTee: Not at all. Cake instruments, mixer, table top are the basic essential things needed!
Streetcated: Is this business affecting your academic performance?

BiigTee: Yes it Is. Greatly… I am but a man. Its difficult being 2 people. A business man/worker and a student.

Streetcated: Do you stop doing your business during exams?
I just want to know how you make the two workout without one disturbing the other
BiigTee: I work through my exams… Everyday. All day… I don’t see one as more important. I see them as equally important. It takes one order to change my life and I don’t want to be unavailable when that order comes in.
Streetcated: Wow, that takes a lot of determination to do. You don’t feel tired doing what you do sometimes?
BiigTee: Sometimes I shed tears… Most times I starve. But in all, I have to make my client smile. That’s the most important thing.
Streetcated: What are your plans for school and this business now and in the future?
Do you find yourself doing a white-collar job sitting in an office or you just face this business full time?
BiigTee: Definitely I see myself sitting in an office someday, managing a lineup of bakeries around the country… And occasionally stepping in to work because I love working with cakes.
Streetcated: This is what we call monetizing your passion. Its loving what you do and trying to get better with it day in day out.
Can you please tell us how long it takes to make a cake for a client because people think it’s just something simple and quick to do
BiigTee: Mixing and baking takes about 2 hours.
Decorating a simple buttercream cake.. 1hr 30mins.
Decorating a Buttercream Art cake. Minimum of 3 hours. Up to 4 hours sometimes.
In total. We are looking at a minimum of about 4hrs of my life per cake.
Mixing and baking for bigger cakes can take up to 3hrs or 4hrs too.
Streetcated: People don’t even know that they are actually paying for your time, sweat and blood
BiigTee: Exactly…

Streetcated: Are the materials needed readily available in the market or you place order for them?
BiigTee: They are readily available. While some have to be gotten at Lagos

Streetcated: I saw a lot of your post and I’m sure you deliver to Lagos, Abeokuta, and as far as Oyo state. How do you do it?
Do you charge extra for that?
BiigTee: Before now, I do deliver the cakes myself but as at this month which is May, I have decided to recruit a few interested students to run deliveries. For a fee.
So, now BiigTee Bakery is empowering students in our own little way
Streetcated: Now I’m super motivated.
A student not yet out of school paying others in school is something we don’t see every day.
How has been the turn out so far?
BiigTee: This is just the first month. We look to expand our business soon enough.

Streetcated: What’s Your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you
BiigTee: This life, YOU CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF. Be ready to lose friends! Be ready to create new and solid boundaries between your personal life and your business. Be ready for whatever it takes. Slave it until you master it!
Streetcated: Since streetcated is all about having this type of knowledge and monetizing it, going all around different streets to execute daily plans, I want to ask you this, do you consider yourself Streetcated?
BiigTee: Oh mehn Streetcated? I should be a STREETCATIONIST because… I got my “PhD in Hustling and Street Related Education” years back…
I am proudly STREETCATED!

Streetcated:: We’d like to have your social media handles in case of people who would like to reach you, and get to see what you’ve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you
BiigTee: Instagram @biigteebakery
Whatsapp/calls 08180969589
Facebook ; BiigTee Bakery
Streetcated: Thanks for giving us your time, I hope when next we call you for a podcast, youd find time to grace the studio so as to impact knowledge into this generation
BiigTee: I sincerely do look forward to working with you on that

Do you know students who have start ups an still do very well in their academics?
Tell them to contact me on 08092209871. This is to inspire others who really want to start something with their free time.
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