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For this fourth week in May, 2018. We had a chat with the mastermind behind bubblyclean, a laundry service owned by a student studying physiology at the famous olabisi onobanjo university. Enjoy

Streetcated: What’s your name
Bubbly Clean: Ogunrinde Boluwatife
Streetcated: Are you a student?
if yes, which school and what level?
Bubbly Clean: 400level… Olabisi Onabanjo University.
Streetcated: You’re about to leave the school too!
Bubbly Clean: Yeah.

Streetcated: What kind of business do you do in school?
Bubbly Clean: I run a laundry/Dry cleaning services.
Streetcated: I have not seen any dry-cleaning business owned by a student around campus, why dry cleaning?
Bubbly Clean: Thats the thing… I dont go for whats common. I like to give myself tasks and with the help of God, I do accomplish them.
Streetcated: That’s fantastic. Was it out of passion or you just decided to give yourself a business task
Bubbly Clean: Is there anyone that has passion for washing clothes?
I dont think so, Im money oriented. I actually thought of doing something business minded before leaving school… And Im glad I was able to.

Streetcated: Wow and you did. when did you start the business?
Bubbly Clean: October last year
Streetcated: How did you come up with the name bubblyclean?
Bubbly Clean: Bubbly is my nickname but I wasnt really known with the name. the name was revealed to me in my dream.

Streetcated: And your parents were cool with you starting something other than schooling?
Bubbly Clean: Sure, they supported me.
Streetcated: You already had knowledge of how things work in the business?
Bubbly Clean: I already practiced in a company in Lagos… for a short period though.
Streetcated: That’s nice. Were there challenges when you started?
Bubbly Clean: Yeah. Publicity and patronage.
Streetcated: That does not seem very much but those are key things you need for a business to thrive.

You have your money, space, equipment and every other thing on ground and all you needed was to just get it out there and make it known?
Bubbly Clean: Well… Capital was a problem too. But most students are not really familiar with patronizing dry cleaners and they tend to bargain into outrageous prices which isnt accepted generally.
Streetcated: This must be due to their pocket as students. But how do you counter this issue of price and publicity?
Bubbly Clean: I had to involve the brand a lot in social media and get it trending in the little way I can because… Social media is like the greatest addiction in the society at the moment. Almost everyone is involved in a way or the other. Then I try to explain extensively about how it works concerning the price.
Streetcated: So, you just post about your business online continuously or you did ads?
Bubbly Clean: Continuously But Soon, we will have ads online.
Streetcated: You’re a student of physiology how do you balance school work with your business?
Bubbly Clean: Work is very demanding but I try as much as possible to take my time to balance up with school… Its not been easy though.
Streetcated: Not easy?
Is one time demanding than the other?
Bubbly Clean: Dry cleaning requires a lot of time and energy. I try as much as possible to balance it with school. Thanks to the little freedom final year comes with.
Streetcated: Is this business affecting your academic performance?
Bubbly Clean: Performance… No, its not.
Streetcated: How do you combine the two without one disturbing the other?
Bubbly Clean: Most times, I have to take some days off school to work more.
Streetcated: Do you stop doing your business during exams?
Bubbly Clean: Not at all… Work continues no matter the situation.

Streetcated: When you tell people you dry clean; do you feel ashamed?
Bubbly Clean: Lol… Ashamed! Never. Im a hardcore hustler, like Im into anything as long as its positive and yields result. Before I started this business, I was a painter in fact Im still a painter. If I get a job right now thats worth a reasonable price, Ill go for it. Theres nothing to be ashamed about. Intact people dont believe me when I tell them I run a laundry.

Streetcated: Were you discouraged at the beginning of your start up?
Bubbly Clean: Yes… I was.

Physically I was down, financially I was low. I think this was due to the unusual routine I had to deal with. The hustle hasnt been easy from day one so I had just had to keep up with the spirit. Ive had worse days. The approach from some customers were kind of discouraging too, proving and satisfaction. A lot of people think laundry is an easy task. But I tell you, its much more than that.
Streetcated: What are the challenges of dry cleaning itself?
Bubbly Clean Weather is a really important factor but has been favorable so far. I hope we dont witness all this 7days rain. Lol Ironing is stressful and takes a lot of time and concentration. Gone past that now though.
Streetcated: How did you overcome those challenges of finance, and customer’s approach?
Bubbly Clean: I had to take my time to study what the general consumer consumption is like.

CEO Bubblyclean.
Streetcated: Can you tell us the stages involve in laundry?
Bubbly Clean: Firstly, you tag all the clothes.
Then sorting of the clothes into their categories.
Washing follows
The drying of the materials.
Ironing of the materials
Then the packaging.
Streetcated: How and where do you get you customers?
Bubbly Clean: Social media is really doing most of the work. I get calls from various sectors of work. The brand is really different from others, you will just wanna have something to do with BUBBLY.

Streetcated: What’s special about bubbly clean and how can we differentiate your service from the rest?
Bubbly Clean: BubblyClean has the best laundry/Dry-cleaning service you can think of around.
Our services are very satisfactory and will make you comfortable in any attire you are in.
Streetcated: How long does it take to work in a day?
Bubbly Clean: The whole day isnt enough… Takes a lot of time. I dont have a routine when it comes to work.
Streetcated: Do you use machines or you wash with hand?
Bubbly Clean: Some materials are hand washed and some are done with the machine.
Streetcated: Like how many clothes do you attend to in a day?
Bubbly Clean: This depends on the materials on ground. But on an average over 50-80materials per day.

Streetcated: Do you clean all types of attire or you have a special type of clothes you go for?
Bubbly Clean: Any type of material is accepted at BubblyClean. We work with any attire our clients bring in.
Streetcated: When was the breakthrough for you in this business?
Bubbly Clean: Still pushing… Hoping to get there soon.
Streetcated: What are your plans for this business?
Bubbly Clean: EXPANSION is what Im looking forward to closely. And involving a lot of unemployed people. At least I can eradicate unemployment in this country with what I do even if its 0.5%. I know Ive done something too.
Streetcated: What are your plans after school?
Bubbly Clean: Business in all ramifications.
Streetcated: Are the materials needed readily available in the market or you place order for them?
Bubbly Clean: Yes… But you have to know what exactly your clients need. You might have to search for them thoroughly. You might have to go a long way to satisfy most of this people. Satisfaction is really important.
Streetcated: What are your price ranges?
Bubbly Clean: For instance, Full piece Agbada is a thousand, while shirts go for 200 same as trousers.

Streetcated: Can you deliver anywhere in Nigeria?
Bubbly Clean: By Gods grace, very soon we will have a branch in every state in this country and beyond.

Streetcated: Whats your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you?
Bubbly Clean: Go for what you can handle and maintain. No go Dey do pass yourself
Put your trust in God alone, dont rely on anyone. Take risks. Everyone has to be business inclined.
Streetcated: streetcated is all about having this type of knowledge and monetizing it, going all around different streets to execute daily plans, I want to ask you this, do you consider yourself Streetcated?
Bubbly Clean: Lol… Im in the street, the street is in me. Die hard hustler like me, Im STRICTLY STREETCATED.

Streetcated: Give us your social media details and phone number for those who would like to reach you.
Bubbly Clean: Facebook- Bub bly
Contact: 08020543930, 08166414282
Intagram- Bubbly clean
Google+ – BubblyClean11@gmail.com

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