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Short stories are powerful bursts of elixirs. On a bored day, a happy day, sad day and any other day. Short stories are the perfect distractions. So what better way than to read a collection of well written and beautifully compiled short stories by a group of resourceful and talented writers, both published and unpublished.


This book is a collection of anthology which contains 25+ Stories that will take you through varying types of emotions.


A rollercoaster. You get to travel without having to go through the whole hassle of transportation but through the pages of books showcasing love, anger, grief, happiness, joy, laughter, action, suspense, beliefs, culture, rage, lust and a barrage of other emotions.


This wonderful anthology is just 1,500 naira for the first 50 orders , after which it will then revert to its prize of 2,500 naira. As a Bonus if you purchase this book now, you get the added benefits and advantage of having a compiled and beautifully written guide on self publishing , plus a 7-day free consultation on how to publish your book easily and effectively online.


To Purchase this book, here’s the link to follow




Upon purchase, you’ll get the bonus promised and the channels to contact for questions on self publishing. Enjoy, have fun, while reading these stories.



P.S. There’s a particular story to look forward to. You have to read to find out.✌🏼


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