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Towolawi Dorcas is a student of Lagos State Polytechnic who loves anything fashion, especially hair dressing and makeup. She shed light on how she started and the challenges she went through to actually become a force to recon with in her line of business.

STREETCATED: What is your name?
Dorki Brand: My name is Towolawi Dorcas Otedola.
STREETCATED: Where do you school?
Dorki Brand: Lagos State Polytechnic.
STREETCATED: What’s your course of study and level?
Dorki Brand: I’m currently studying Business Administration, 200level.
STREETCATED: What kind of business do you do?
Dorki Brand: Beauty in general which includes Makeup, hair making / Styling, fixing of nails, Pedicure and selling of Beauty product. I also Train as well in all of this fields.
STREETCATED: Why that business?
Dorki Brand: I choose to go into beauty because naturally I love to look good and moderate. So, I decided to nurture the love I had for beauty and gradually, i choose it as a business.
STREETCATED: When did you start professionally?
Dorki Brand: I started officially 2016.
STREETCATED: How many months did you learn this skill?
Dorki Brand: Well, I learnt hair making under a beautician for 3months, but for makeup and the rest, I trained myself personally with the help of YouTube videos, and I did that for 6months. I haven’t stopped learning though because I love to learn new things daily as far as my business is concerned.
STREETCATED: How did it all start?
Dorki Brand: It all started after I concluded my Secondary School Education and I had nothing much doing with my time aside from helping my mother at her place of work, and I really do not like to be idle and so since I love beauty, I decided to invest into it.
STREETCATED: How much did you pay to learn the craft?
Dorki Brand: For hair making, I spent 30,000naira to learn the basics, but for Makeup and the rest, I spent my megabytes, time and I had to pay attention and also focus.
STREETCATED: What’s making up all about?
Dorki Brand: The basic aim of makeup is to enhance beauty. Although, makeup is in different categories, we have the ARTISTRY and the REGULAR makeup we all know.
STREETCATED: Has the journey been easy?
Dorki Brand: Of course not, but since my focus is still intact, I’m good to go.
STREETCATED: Can you please shed light on both categories?
Dorki Brand: Makeup is in different categories like I said earlier which are: The Regular and Artistry makeup. The Regular makeup includes: Bridal, birthday and all kinds of events, and the aim of the regular makeup is to enhance beauty and you can still recognize the person by the time you’re done doing the makeup
The artistry makeup is usually done for filming industries, music industries and walk way models. The aim is usually not to enhance beauty on like the Regular makeup, the products are mostly different and you are allowed to express yourself better through artistry makeup. Also, the colour analysis and creativity are different, you can tell a story through artistry makeup, it all depends on how creative you are.
STREETCATED: What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome those challenges?
Dorki Brand: When I started learning about beauty online, it was really challenging because I was working with a firm at that time, and my job description was totally different from what I had passion for(Beauty). So, I had to shuffle between the time for work and the time to learn online, that was really challenging but with the help of God and few friends, I was able to balance both.
STREETCATED: How do you feel when you tell your colleagues what you do?
Dorki Brand: I am very proud of what I do, although some discouraged me at first, but with time they understood I had passion for it and they had to accept it.
STREETCATED: how much did you start with?
Dorki Brand: I started with 5,000naira.
STREETCATED: Do you work alone?
Dorki Brand: Sometimes yes, it depends on how demanding the job is. If very demanding I get some of my ex trainees to work with me.
STREETCATED: In this business, were there times when you felt discouraged?
Dorki Brand: Yes. A lot of times Times when I got some good offers but my instrument was not good enough for the job.
STREETCATED: How do you get your clients?
Dorki Brand: I got some on social media, some through previous clients, some through friends.
STREETCATED: What’s the name of your brand?
Dorki Brand: Dorki_brand.
STREETCATED: How do you manage your time to do all this?
Dorki Brand: Well, I try my best to manage it as I can. When it’s time for work, I work, when it’s time for rest, I rest.
STREETCATED: Do you have a fixed price you charge?
Dorki Brand: Yeah… The better I got, the more I charge.
STREETCATED: How has it been since you started?
Dorki Brand: Been good.
STREETCATED: Do your parents support you having a startup in school?
Dorki Brand: they definitely do.
STREETCATED: Do you have all the required equipment?
Dorki Brand: Yes, to an extent.
STREETCATED: How did you get them?
Dorki Brand: I purchased most of them, and some were giving to me as a gift.
STREETCATED: How much do you make wig?
Dorki Brand: It depends on the kind of hair I’ll be using for the wig and the style.
STREETCATED: Do you do home service?
Dorki Brand: Sure, I do… The majority of the jobs I get before I got my studio is home service and the charge for home service is different from the charge when you’re coming down to my location.
STREETCATED: Do you have a fixed amount you charge for your service?
Dorki Brand: For makeup yes, but for hair it depends on the style my clients want.
STREETCATED: Whats Your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you?
Dorki Brand: Discover what you love, develop it, gun for it and don’t lose focus. You don’t have money to acquire your desired skills, go online and make research and with time you achieve that which you desire without having to spend a dime.
STREETCATED: Wed like to have your social media handles in case people would like to reach you, and get to see what youve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you.
Dorki Brand: Instagram handle @dorki_brand
Dorki Brand: Dorki Brand Studio is at Shop M9 Rashfunk Plaza.

Studio addresss: 21, Ifoshi Road, Opposite Orilowo Estate, Iyana Ejigbo, Lagos.


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