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Erinfolami Adeyinka the CEO of Eam Photographs is a student of Babcock University. He shared with us how he learnt photography, and how he has met with different dignitaries during the course of it. Read and learn the art of photography and that of balancing school work with business from Adeyinka.

STREETCATED: What is your name?
Eam Photographs: I am Erinfolami Adeyinka.
STREETCATED: Where do you school?
Eam Photographs: Babcock University.
STREETCATED: What’s your course of study and level?
Eam Photographs: 300level
Social Work and Human Services.
STREETCATED: What kind of business do you do?
Eam Photographs: Im into Photography.
STREETCATED: Why photography?
Eam Photographs: Photography helps me pass across information to people
That’s why my images come with a lot of quotes most times for those that can’t easily interpret what am trying to pass across.
STREETCATED: How did it all start?
Eam Photographs: It actually started out of being bored and idle doing nothing after my National Diploma in Mass Communication from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.I got my National Diploma in October 2016 and resumed Babcock as a direct entry student in August 2017. It was too much of a time to be wasted so I decided to go into photography.

STREETCATED: How many months did it take you to acquire this skill?
Eam Photographs: It took me three months but in all reality photography is a lifelong process because you learn something new every day just like every other craft.
STREETCATED: When did you start professionally?
Eam Photographs: I started professionally 8 months ago.

STREETCATED: What were the challenges you faced?
Eam Photographs: Financial restraint, rude clients, and having to please them in order to foster a good relationship with them.
STREETCATED: How did you overcome those challenges?
Eam Photographs: I always have something at the back of my mind
Don’t lose your clients because you never can tell who’s going to take you far.
STREETCATED: When you tell your colleague what you do, do you feel ashamed?
Eam Photographs: Not at all. I am proud of what I am doing. It has taken me to places and also I have met the highly ranked people in Nigeria in my short time of practicing.
STREETCATED: Can you name drop a few people you’ve met with just being a photographer?
Eam Photographs: Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo
Oba Aremu Gbadebo The Alake of Egba land.

Ebenezer Obey
Unlimited LA (Video Director)
Mrs Yetunde Ononuga the present deputy Governor of Ogun State.


STREETCATED: Wow!! Within this line of photography?
Eam Photographs: Yes, just photography.
STREETCATED: How did you get to meet them?
Eam Photographs: I was opportuned to work with samoremphotography, so I meet most of them at events I get to cover with samoremphotography.
STREETCATED: About how much did you start with?
Eam Photographs: I started photography with #295,000. I remember going to Lagos with my dad
We took 300,000 to get a professional camera and a few things and we came back home with 5,000.
STREETCATED: Interesting.
So, you parents encouraged you to go into photography?
Eam Photographs: Yeah, they’ve been my back bone supporting me in every single thing I do. I remember my dad saying a word of prayer after we got those equipment the first time, he prayed that Ill get every other thing I need myself and God has been faithful. It’s been working out so good for me even though there are hard times.
STREETCATED: What’s the name of your brand?
Eam Photographs: Eam Photographs.

STREETCATED: Do you work alone?
Eam Photographs: Presently yes, but Im looking forward to accepting interns from next year.

STREETCATED: Who are your role models when it comes to photography?
Eam Photographs: First of all, Oviesoft that’s my great tutor, then the likes of Amazingklef, princemeyson, libertystudios, Emmanuel oyeleke and others
STREETCATED: What is photography to you?
Eam Photographs: Photography is a craft and a way of passing across messages.
STREETCATED: How do you combine photography with school?
Eam Photographs: Lol. A lot of people say this is hard but I don’t see it that way. I see it as prioritizing…
Im a photographer and by next session by his grace I should be a first-class student.
STREETCATED: Do you stop working during exams?
Eam Photographs: Definitely I do. I limit my shoot once Im in school too.
STREETCATED: How do you manage your time to do all this?
Eam Photographs: Lol I just flow with the spirit. Time management is very important. I know when it’s time for school work and also when it’s time to do photography.

STREETCATED: How has it been since you started?
Eam Photographs: It was really frustrating at first. I felt it was just to carry camera and shoot. I remember there was a day I cried wondering how those pros achieve those nicely edited images. I felt I was good at nothing at some point because I was into computer hardware which I left because I felt it wasn’t for me and now realizing my image editing wasn’t so great too…you know that feeling. But everything is different now because Im getting better every day.
STREETCATED: Were there times where you felt discouraged?
Eam Photographs: Not at all.
I had the best team I could recommend over and over telling me to take a step at a time.
STREETCATED: Do you have a fixed price you charge?
Eam Photographs: Yeah, I do. The better I got the more I charge.

STREETCATED: Do we have different type of photographers or everyone can fit in anywhere?
Eam Photographs: We definitely have different kinds of photography that gave birth to different kinds of photographers.
Portraits, events, landscape and all that
Everyone can’t just fit in into any because you have to find what gives you pleasure with minimal stress.
Something you’re comfortable doing.
STREETCATED: Whats your drive when it comes to photography?
Eam Photographs: Waking up every morning on Instagram to see other photographers inspire me… It’s that simple.
I follow quite a lot of them on IG because all I want to see is creativity.
STREETCATED: Whats Your advice to students who wants to have a start up like you?
Eam Photographs: Please, please and please.
First of all, find something you love to do
Dedicate your time to it
Don’t do photography because you want to be known as a photographer, that time will definitely come
your works will speak for you.
Don’t do photography because you know you will have a lot of girls at your disposal too. Theres more to it than that.

STREETCATED: Wed like to have your social media handles in case people would like to reach you, and get to see what youve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you.
Eam Photographs: eam_photographs

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