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Francis is a talented young man who is a pencil artiste and also a pharmacy student. He shared with us how he juggles studying pharmacy and also work on his talent.

STREETCATED: What is your name?
FrancisJide Artworks: My name is Francis jide.
STREETCATED: Whats your educational background?
FrancisJide Artworks: Im a pharmacy student in the university of Lagos.
STREETCATED: What level are you in?
FrancisJide Artworks: Im in my final year.
STREETCATED: What kind of business are you into?
FrancisJide Artworks: Im a pencil artist and an onstage speed painter.
STREETCATED: Can you tell us what being a pencil artist and an onstage painter is about?
FrancisJide Artworks: Well, they are two completely different ball games entirely
Being a pencil artist just has to do with me in my room…recreating a portrait of a person in pencil which I love to do.
But being a speed painter has to do with going on stage to actually paint and wow an audience. It comes with a lot of tension of course but this is my passion.
STREETCATED: Wow, do they pay for being a speed painter too?

FrancisJide Artworks: Well… My pencil works are paid for but the speed paintings depend on the invitation or if I decide to go for free…some people decide to buy the works.
STREETCATED: Fascinating. How do you charge your client then?
FrancisJide Artworks: This also depends on what the client decides to draw…if he/she wants it framed …how quickly he/she wants it…and so on.
STREETCATED: Okay, but you don’t charge based on time spent on a particular project?
FrancisJide Artworks: Nah… That doesnt really matter I try to deliver the same perfect quality no matter how long I spend.
STREETCATED: Averagely, how many hours do you spend on a portrait?
FrancisJide Artworks: Well it really depends on what Im drawing and how important it is… It may take 4 hours… or even a month.
STREETCATED: So, passion actually made you start this or you learnt it from someone?
FrancisJide Artworks: Yes! well I had the talent and I knew I did… but yes someone actually helped me with it.
STREETCATED: You’re a pharmacy student and you actually have the talent to paint and design.
Why not study art related courses?
FrancisJide Artworks: Well…first of all my dad advised differently…to which I agree because how many artists do we know that actually make steady living through their art?
They are not much

Secondly, I didnt really focus on my art till I actually got into the college of medicine.
STREETCATED: To really draw something unique. What usually drive or inspire you?
FrancisJide Artworks: I like to visualize what Im about to do in my head before I start. So, my inspiration is I cant wait for everyone to see what I am seeing in my head.

Francis Jide Artworks 
STREETCATED: What are the challenges you do face in this line of business and how do you overcome them?
FrancisJide Artworks: Well, the major challenge is the time management, considering my course of study, and publicity is also another thing I struggle with…but Im working on everything and moving forward a step at a time.

Pencil art by FrancisJide Artworks

STREETCATED: So how do you balance pencil art with school?
FrancisJide Artworks: Truth be told, I focus more on art than school but I try my best to find a balance.
STREETCATED: How do you make sure it doesn’t affect your studies?
FrancisJide Artworks: I do school stuff when it has to be done and yes it has affected my education…but these are the sacrifices that must be made.
STREETCATED: How about during exams and you already have clients you must deliver to?
FrancisJide Artworks: Well… I read all night most of the time so I still carry out my art because I dont know where it will take me.
STREETCATED: How has been the turn up over the years?
FrancisJide Artworks: Well…I have gradually grown…recently I started a church tour …absolutely free…and it has been the height of my career so far.
STREETCATED: Do you actually do the exact thing you see in your mind on paper?
FrancisJide Artworks: I try my best to…thats the challenge I guess…to put it down the exact way.
STREETCATED: What are the tools needed in order to become a pencil artist?
FrancisJide Artworks: Pencil and paper… the skill is what really matters.
STREETCATED: What type of paint do you use?
FrancisJide Artworks: Normal emulsion paints water soluble…different brands though.
STREETCATED: How was your first job like?
FrancisJide Artworks: I was really desperate I guess…and I cut the price really low…just to push myself…didnt come out as beautiful…but back then it looked marvelous to me.

Pencil art by FrancisJide Artworks

STREETCATED: What are the processes involve in creating a pencil art?
FrancisJide Artworks: Doesnt take much really…getting what you want to draw..gridding…the skill is what really matters.
STREETCATED: What is the church tour about?
FrancisJide Artworks: I go around churches based on invitation and do a speed painting at their events for free…its a way to bless people with my art really and push my name…Ive also gotten to meet people.
STREETCATED: How do you see what you do?
Is it a lucrative business?
FrancisJide Artworks: For me its a passion…but yes…I make money off it.
STREETCATED: Are your clients majorly students?
FrancisJide Artworks: I get all kinds of clients… students, people getting married and so on.
STREETCATED: Do you think anybody can do what you do?
FrancisJide Artworks: Yes…people do what I do…some even better…but Im really confident in myself that mine is different.
STREETCATED: What must a person do to be good in pencil art?
FrancisJide Artworks: Firstly, you must have a burning passion for it, love doing it because when you start off it might not look so good so you have to keep pushing consistency is the key.
STREETCATED: How did you develop and improve?
FrancisJide Artworks: Like I said nonstop practice, commitment and dedication.

Pencil art by FrancisJide Artworks

STREETCATED: We’d like to have your social media handles in case of people who would like to reach you, and get to see what you’ve done with this wonderful business and of course patronize you.
FrancisJide Artworks: IG @francisjide
STREETCATED: Thanks for giving us your time, I hope when next we call you for a podcast, you’ll find time to grace the studio so as to impact knowledge into this generation
FrancisJide Artworks: Youre very welcome

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