Skin Care By Beau

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Skin Care By Beau 

I saw this product called “Skin Care By Beau”, it’s a skin care product. Saw it in my friend’s house and she recommended it for me.

Before I started using skin care by beau, I had a lot of issue with my skin. If it wasn’t my skin tone, then it was acne or how dull my face looked. Basically, I wasn’t comfortable with my skin, so I decided to give skin care by beau a try. Since I know you can never go wrong when you use organics.

Skincare by beau, is made with coconut oil, carrot oil, turmeric, sandalwood powder and many more. I noticed it doesn’t bleach skin but simply make your natural skin color pop and glow.

Skincare by beau organic black soap is a great moisturizer for the skin, reduces breakout, reduces hyper pigmentation, smoothens the skin, cleanses and exfoliates the skin thoroughly.

Skincare by beau Turmeric bodyscrub leaves your skin super smooth and soft, removes dead skin cells,fixes uneven skin tone, brightens dull skin.


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