Verydarkman asserts;Many Nigerian law makers are patronising Bobrisky

Because Bobrisky is a customer of theirs, controversial activist Verydarkman pushes the authorities to take Bobrisky into custody.

Crossdresser Area Mama, who lives in Abuja, has admitted to spending years hooking up with local boys.

In reply, Verydarkman claimed that a number of influential men and politicians were involved, which is why Area Mama and Bobrisky were still at liberty.

He talked about how Bobrisky sometimes acts like he’s in a relationship with males and how male companions encourage his way of life.

Because homosexuality carries a 14-year prison sentence, Verydarkman challenged the authorities to arrest Bobrisky.

He claimed that Bobrisky’s facilitators are certain individuals in Nigeria, which explains why he hasn’t been taken into custody yet.

Watch video here;

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