A Lecturer of University of Port Harcourt is allegedly caught on tape harassing a female student sexually.

A University of Port Harcourt lecturer was seen molesting a female student sexually in his office on high definition video.

A lecturer may be seen harassing a pupil in a video that has gone viral on Instagram.

He was observed making contact with a few female students’ body parts.

The man in the video was seen pulling the student toward him while the student attempted to stop the lecturer and maintain her distance.

In response to the posted video, several people have expressed support for firing him.



Read some comments below…


@Favour_therealtor: “Omo this man career is dead nd I love it 😂”.

@Rowlandtech: “When Evidence is involved argument is displaced. Baba quickly resign before they even sack u”.

@Call_me_natan: “Someone’s father😢😢a big shame”.

@Abilityabe: “One lecturer down 😂😂😂”

@99polity: ‘All these lecturers they have wives😮that shows they are not responsible”

@Ajuba001: “They should fish him out and arrest him immediately! Our daughters went there to study and not to be taken advantage of. And for you girls, focus on your studies.”

@Mo.nday501: “Naso one werey lecturer for Abraka say make we run am for him office 😂, I told him I have infection warey said infection doesn’t kill😂”

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