A single mother starts a food business by saving her NYSC allowance.

The 27-year-old single mother of two relates how acquaintances dubbed her frugal for holding onto her NYSC money as she launches a food company.

In an interview with PUNCH, the former corp member known as Gladys Adija disclosed that she had served in Plateau State and had tried her hardest to save her NYSC budget.

She said that she had stayed with a friend who lived close to her principal assignment location and tried to avoid incurring additional costs.

Despite just using N8K each month, she said that she saved N320K from her NYSC allowance.

Her media interview went like this:

During my stay in Plateau, I had the privilege of staying with a long-time acquaintance who resided near my primary assignment location. She happened to be working at a nearby establishment, which made it convenient for both of us. I approached her with the request to lodge at her place temporarily, and she graciously agreed to accommodate me,” Gladys said.

How was your experience with the NYSC scheme?


By the end of my service year, I was able to save around N320,000. Despite only spending N8,000 of my monthly allowance and saving the rest, I still struggled to meet my friend’s standards of living. To make ends meet, I took on cleaning and washing jobs, as well as tutoring children for extra income. Though my friends mocked me for my frugal lifestyle at the time, I am grateful for where I am today. Nevertheless, while I was serving, my child was in the care of my parents. Therefore, my NYSC experience was not a pleasant one, which is why I always advise women to avoid engaging in premarital sex.”


How did your friend react when you were unable to meet her standards?


At the end of each month, my mother would send me food supplies to sustain us. Additionally, I managed to have some income through a part-time job I held, the proceeds of which I used to purchase essential household items. I did my best to contribute within my means, while also ensuring my friend’s needs were met. However, as I began to realise that I was unable to participate in certain activities that required significant expenditures to save up, I started refraining from social gatherings. Whenever I received invitations to hang out, I would politely decline, stating that I had commitments such as attending Bible study or being preoccupied with other responsibilities. Consequently, I earned the nickname ‘stingy coco’ from some individuals who were unaware of my financial constraints, because most of them didn’t know that I was not stingy and that I was going with my plans.”

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