Actor Junior Pope’s funeral leaves his wife and children in heartbreaking sorrow.

Famous Nigerian actor John Paul Odonwodo, also referred to as Jnr Pope, is having his funeral.

The first batch of images and videos from the solemn occasion have surfaced on social media, evoking strong feelings among supporters and well-wishers alike.

Many people are in tears as they watch the heartfelt emotions at his funeral, which is taking place in his village of Ukehe in the Igboetiti LGA, Enugu State, near Nsukka.

In one of the pictures, the eldest son of John Pope Jr. wears a heartbreaking expression, capturing a very touching moment.

A relative watches him, trying to bring some solace in the middle of the unbearable loss by softly fanning his face.

Videos from the late actor’s funeral at St. Peter’s Catholic Church provide a melancholy look into the somber events.

In a moving scene, the actor’s soul is symbolically given to God when the priest, surrounded by family members, surrounds the coffin to sanctify it before it is transported inside the church.

As Jnr. Pope’s wife and kids, as well as his coworkers Ruby Orjiakor and Linc Edochie, assemble to say their final goodbyes, the church is filled with sorrow.

One of the most moving scenes features Ruby Orjiakor, who is clearly shaken by her friend’s passing and has tears streaming down her cheeks.


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