Actor Sanni Alesh criticizes celebrities for abandoning Bobrisky

Actor Sanni Alesh of Nollywood has taken a swipe at his colleagues for abandoning Bobrisky after reaping the benefits of his promotion for their own projects.

Remember how the EFCC jailed and arrested renowned Nigerian transvestite Bobrisky for naira abuse offenses.

Alesh blasted his colleagues for failing to speak out for him as he was dying, speaking out against their silence.

He mentioned how, despite Bobrisky’s unencouraging lifestyle, all Nigerian celebs always love to have him at their events.

Alesh blasted them for being evil and hypocritical for remaining silent in a circumstance like this, when he needed them.

Prison is not where someone should stay for even a day. I don’t know why hand are hypocritical, so we call Bobrisky for parties, to promote movies, songs grace our events, and even boost our business with his platform because of the lifestyle he has chosen and all, which we didn’t see as a problem or big deal… Now for what so ever reason he’s been arrested and jailed yet we all pretend as if he has never been a part of our lives, why are people this evil? Especially celebrities.. remember this can happen to anyone.


My prayers are with you Idris Okuneye.”

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