Actress Lilian Afegbai bemoans paying N22K at a Lekki hair salon to get her cornrows loosened.

The well-known actress Lilian Afegbai bemoans paying N22K at a hair shop in Lekki when she sought to loosen her cornrows.

The actress revealed that she had just wrapped up filming a movie when she made the decision to uncurl her cornrows in preparation for a scene in which she would be expected to wear her natural hair.

She clarified that she had gone into a Lekki hair salon and pleaded with the staff to rapidly relax her hair.

After the treatment, Lilian said she thought the cost would be around N8K or N10K, so she was shocked to get a bill for N22,000.

She voiced her displeasure with the exorbitant price of hair styling in Lekki and cautioned that she and others would rebel against their price gouging.

Watch the video below.



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@munachy2022 remarked: “As u lazy 2 loose common corn row u go pay 22k to loose am na”classiclozet asked: “Why ddnt u leave? They ddnt force u !I have made corn rows with 25pounds in London b4 . It’s ur location dat determines ur allocation dear”

@jumdolfashion said: “If we talk now, they we say poor woman mentality but then again, she spoke well. 22k to loosen Didi olowo”

@julliecassie commented: “Everything is so annoyingly overpriced.”

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