AFRIMEK talks as Femi Adebayo faces criticism for declaring Bobrisky the “Best Dressed Female.”

Regarding the controversy surrounding Femi Adebayo, the Association of Yoruba African Men Entertainment Kings, or AFRIMEK, has released a statement to the public.

Femi Adebayo, the association’s mayor, was defended in a statement issued by Adeniyi Johnson, the public relations officer for the organization.

Adebayo’s honesty, dignity, and commitment to upholding moral principles and societal norms were emphasized by the association.

AFRIMEK claims that Femi Adebayo was not involved in the selection process and was just responsible for announcing the Best Dressed winner at the event.

They stressed that innovation and smart commercial strategies, which frequently draw anticipated attention, are essential to the entertainment industry’s success.

AFRIMEK further emphasized that Adebayo would not have been able to participate in any contentious actions because of his religious beliefs, especially during the holy month.


The statement reads:


โ€œTo The General Public


In retrospect to the recent buzz and news going on online about the Amiable MAYOR of our honourable club AFRICAN MEN ENTERTAINMENT KINGS CLUB (AFRIMEK), FEMI ADEBAYO SALAMI!! We would like to sensitize the entire public that our honourable Mayor is a man of integrity, class and honour who stands and uphold all positive value and etiquette of normal human beings.


Sequel to the announcement he made at the movie priemere, he was basically called upon to announce the winner for best dressed at the event. Note that he wasnโ€™t part of the selection team, as a form of honour he was called upon to announce without prior notice!!


Need we remind you that this is entertainment world where creativity comes and business strategies is been generated, the anticipated buzz is gotten as expected!!


Knowing FEMI ADEBAYO for who he is and his religious belief he will never do what is against the will of Allah especially at this time considered as holy month!! We implore all concerned parties to shealth their sword and allow peace to reign!!!!



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