“Arresting Bobrisky is not right ” – Alibaba responds to the arrest of Bobrisky by EFCC


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested Bobrisky, and Nigerian comedian Alibaba has shared his thoughts on the matter.

Recall that Bobrisky was detained in Lagos on Wednesday night for allegedly mishandling naira money.

Bobrisky’s detention was specifically related to his accused act of destroying and spray-painting cash notes during an event.

Alibaba posted a thought-provoking image on his Instagram feed in response to this event.

At a party, the picture showed men trampling on cash notes and spraying with impunity.

Alibaba responded in a sarcastic manner, questioning if the EFCC’s inaction against these men was because of their gender.

He looked further into the reasons for Bobrisky’s arrest and concluded that they were unjustified.

The comedian brought attention to the alleged inequity in the treatment of women in Nigeria by gently hinting that the EFCC targets women disproportionately.

According to his own words:

And Bobrisky was detained once more for what offense? due to the fact that they are men? This is incorrect. The last time a well-known woman received a sentence for the same offense. The EFCC has now detained a second woman for the identical offense that men get away with. It’s not good how we treat women in our country. I just taya, guys.


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