Bella Shmurda restates, “I only smoke cigarettes; I stopped smoking weed due to anxiety.”


Bella Shmurda, a Nigerian artist, has reiterated that he wants to stop consuming marijuana because he is anxious.

You may remember that the singer was asked to divulge a personal fact about himself that some people would find surprising during an interview with the UK’s “In My Opinion” podcast.

He acknowledged that he had smoked marijuana in the past but had to give it up due to worry about the future.

Bella Shmurda restated that he was forced to give up smoking marijuana three years ago due to severe discomfort. He feels lost and not himself when he smokes marijuana.

Furthermore, he finds it challenging to have in-depth discussions with others without becoming upset.

He mentioned that he had spent a thousand pounds on marijuana, therefore giving it up was one of the best decisions he had ever done. He now makes do with cigarettes and alcohol with ease.

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