Bimpe Akintunde sends a message to males, saying, “Nothing kills a woman faster than single parenting.”

The actress Bimpe Akintunde conveys a poignant message regarding the difficulties faced by single parents.

She underlined that while becoming a single mother is not something anyone wants, circumstances in life can make it happen in an interview with Biola Bayo for her podcast Talk To B.

Bimpe Akintunde conceded that men should assume responsibility for fathering children because of their innate propensity for polygamy.

Bimpe claims that being a single mother may be extremely stressful and taxing for women.

She emphasized that whether on purpose or accidentally, men should own up to their obligations and take responsibility when they mistreat a woman in the household.

Single mum isn’t what anyone prays for; there is nothing that kills a woman faster than single parenting. Men are polygamous in nature.


Any man that puts a lady in a family way, whether knowingly or unknowingly, should take responsibility“.

In addition to her message on single parenting, Bimpe also noted that people are frequently startled when they meet her, as they anticipate her to be like her fiery movie roles.

However, she stated that Wasila Coded is only a persona she portrays, and Bimpe Akintunde is her true identity.

She made a point of saying that she wanted to be recognized for being a cool-headed and compassionate person.

When people meet me, they are like they don’t know I am this calm nice and think I am always breaking bottles, but I told them Wasila Coded is just a character, Bimpe Akintunde is my name”.

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