Blessing CEO causes reaction as she makes attempt to visit verydarkman in jail


Blessing released a video on social media showcasing her bold and audacious plan to see Verydarkman, who is incarcerated in an Abuja police cell due to accusations that he harassed Tonto Dikeh online.

Nigeria’s well-known socialite Blessing CEO is causing a sensation once more as she declares in public that she wants to visit Verydarkman in his police cell.

The buzz of the town is Verydarkman’s alleged detention in Abuja over accusations of cyberbullying against Tonto Dikeh, and Blessing CEO is stoking the fires with her unusual behavior.

In reference to her upcoming visit to the divisive figure, she publishes a video of herself on social media holding a half-loaf of bread and a few sachets of water.

She drinks from a sachet of water while making fun of Verydarkman’s catchphrases, giving off the impression that she is planning to tease him while she is here.

As was to be predicted, fans quickly began to imagine the hilarious sight of Blessing CEO’s intended visit to Verydarkman in response to her video.


See netizens reactions here;

mizpurplemakeupempire said: “If nah VDM too he will set camera.. Let’s have it pls”

linaberry_. said: “Battle of the ex convicts Ex convict going to visit current convict”

luhyclaire30 said: “The RATEL that just came into the internet space and he’s uniqueness made him viral , but you have been here for more than how many years yet no single positive impact have you created .. you think you can catch smoke? He will soon be out and come out more stronger”


According to a post by blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus, Tonto detained the social media activist on suspicion of cyberbullying and posing a threat to her life after he asserted that she is a co-administrator of the well-known anonymous site Gistlover.

Stella Dimoko Korkus reports that VDM was taken into custody in the Federal Capital of Nigeria a few hours ago and is presently being held in a cell there.


Stella wrote…

“Social media critic very dark man is presently in a cell in Abuja…He was arrested some hours ago for allegedly cyber bullying Actress Tonto Dikeh and alleging that she co runs toxic blog gistlov**** that has earned her threat to life from people looking for the owner of the Blog.” 

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