Blessing CEO: “I refuse to divorce my spouse over having a child outside of our union.”

Blessing CEO, controversial self-described relationship therapist, has stated that she would never consider divorcing her spouse in the event if he fathered kid outside of their union. 

 Blessing CEO stated that she supports polygamy,arguing that it is more noble and dignified than the widely held social assumption that adultery is cause to end relationship.

She says it is self-centered of women to oppose polygamy.

The Blessing CEO said that if she were married, she wouldn’t leave her partner because he had a child  outside of marriage.

She disclosed that she is a huge fan of the polygamous actor Yul Edochie in the most recent episode of her TV program, Moments With Blessing CEO.

She wrote;

“Polygamy is dignifying for me, it’s honorable for me. Many women are just selfish. I support polygamy 100 per cent. I will not leave my husband because he has a child outside.

“I am a fan of Yul Edochie. I don’t see anything wrong in what he did by marrying two wives. He is an odogwu.”

She also told married men in a another podcast episode that they don’t have to be the biological father in order to receive a child.

She argued against married men testing their children’s DNA for adultery if they believe their wives are unfaithful in a widely shared video clip from the session.

Regardless of biological links, she boldly declared that males should welcome children born into such conditions as their own.

She continued by advising married men to have conversations with their wives in order to handle such difficult situations, arguing that acceptance and understanding should rule the day.



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