Bul!ying: Quit treating others badly; your children are observing. — Queen Atang Teaches Parents

Reality star Queen Mercy Atang responded to a child at Lead British International School Abuja who was being bullied.

She exhorted guardians and parents to teach empathy, love, and compassion in their kids.

She said that providing their kids with the right education will prevent them from bullying the kids of other people.

Additionally, she advised parents to treat others with kindness because their kids will watch and imitate them.

She said:

Dear parents, train your kids well. Love your kids and teach them love. Love not only to themselves and their siblings, but also to everyone around them.


“Teach them kindness, teach them empathy, you as a parent, stop being wicked to people around you. Your kids are watching and they will surely pick up this bad trait from you“.

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