“But why celebrity too like to dey do yansh” – Netizens slam actress Lizzy Gold after she shared new photos and video

Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold recently shared a new video on her Instagram page, to the dismay of some of her fans. They said Lizzy had done a BBL operation.

Watch video here;


Here are some reactions online:


@cecil said; What a shame! So Nigerian celebrities no longer appreciate natural beauty or appreciate their own bodies? What lessons are all these so called celebrities passing across to our teenagers. Its a shame to say the least. With all the health implications associated to this BBL thing, you guys continue to sacrifice your health and life for stupid fame that does not even last? Shameful

@eghe remarked; But why celebrity too like to dey do yansh 😒

@ladymimi commented; This your wig is not wigging oo at all baby

You see money do yansh but you can’t even afford a good wig ehn baby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@reki said; Yes it has been a long time cos you don finally heal ….. welcome back

@uchechimaryjoyce said; Thank God for a successful bbl surgery.

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