Cubana Chief Priest declares, “I’m going back to my roots, I wanted to be a Catholic Priest,” promising to start over.

Pascal Chibuike, popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest, is a Nigerian businessman and socialite who is thinking about becoming a Catholic priest.

He said on Instagram that because of his close relationship with his late mother, who brough him into the church, he had previously hoped to become a priest.

Even if he hasn’t followed this road in the past, he believes that his spiritual journey has been worthwhile.

In a world full of negativity, he intends to fortify his family’s faith and get back in touch with his Catholic roots.

“This was me growing up; I wanted to be a Catholic Priest; I was always at the blessed sacrament with my late mother. I got admission to the Seminary school; I went, and I saw but couldn’t conquer because many are called, but few are chosen. The morning masses, the benedictions, the charismatic renewal, the block rosary, the processions & sacraments were never in vain; those are the reasons God has blessed me beyond imagination, but the most painful pain I live with is that my mother who drew me close to mother Mary is no longer here with me to witness The Greatness From Ave Maria. Keep resting in peace, Mom.

I’m going back to being a traditional Catholic. I have been astray for so long. I have failed by not teaching my kids. I am going back to refortifying myself and my family. These bad people want me down so badly. Just because my mom is no more to always wake me up to the morning mass to commit my days, I’m going back to my sword”.

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