Cubana Chief Priest Discusses His EFCC Detention Experience

Billionaire investor Cubana Chief Priest   has expressed his opinions on his interactions with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

He emphasized that the EFCC conducts investigations and prosecutions without resorting to violence or aiming to cause harm, and he advised people not to run when called upon by the organization.

Cubana Chief Priest implied that there is no reason to evade the EFCC’s summons by pointing out their first-rate amenities, which include cell mattresses, restroom and toiletries, and meals served all day.

Intriguingly, he referred to dealings with the EFCC as a “status symbol,” suggesting that being the subject of an investigation or an arrest by the commission denotes a specific level of social standing.

To quote him:

The Eagle🦅 will always fly so high to catch you wherever you hide, No need to run when @officialefcc invites you, just pull up and answer them, they don’t bite they don’t beat the only investigate and prosecute. For their cell bed dey, toilet & bathroom Dey, even breakfast, lunch & dinner is served so tell me why are you running….. how long will you run…. na big man location Efcc Be. For me It’s a status symbol.”

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