Daniel Regha chastises Nigerian dealers for holding onto their rates despite the declining value of the dollar.

Daniel Regha, a well-known media figure, has criticized Nigerian traders for allegedly being unable to reduce prices in spite of the dollar’s ongoing devaluation against the Naira.

Daniel Regha, a well-known social activist, expressed his dissatisfaction with what he sees as the lack of compassion and fairness among the nation’s traders.

The well-known figure in the media attacked Nigerian traders for what he perceived as their inability to adjust their prices in response to fluctuating exchange rates.

He charged them of taking advantage of customers and putting profit ahead of justice, especially in light of economic changes.

Daniel Regha emphasized in his online tirade the contradiction between Nigeria’s religious convictions and what he perceives to be pervasive greed among businessmen.

He bemoaned the moral impasse, pointing out that a nation that upholds religious principles ought to be more equitable and compassionate in its business transactions.

Daniel Regha provided examples of times when traders used the need to make up losses and replenish inventories to justify price increases during times when the currency was higher.

But he charged that they were cleverly using the same justification to keep prices high now that the dollar was losing ground versus the Naira.

In his words;

โ€œDollar continues to fall against naira, but Nigerians have deliberately refused to reduce the prices of goods/ services; And we are supposed to be a religious country. Greed!โ€

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