Davido’s debut EP under Sony was a commercial flop.


The Nigerian Grammy nominee David Adeleke, better known by his stage as Davido, has opened out about the challenges he faced recording his Sony Music album.

According to Davido, his 2016 Extended Play (EP) debut, which he released in association with Sony Music, was a financial disaster.

Davido talked extensively about his experiences with the global recording industry in a recent episode of The Bridge Show.

According to Omo Baba Olowo, the project’s downfall resulted from a misalignment between his artistic vision and the label’s strategy.

Davido claimed that although his music management business was writing songs for him, the lack of creative freedom made them inappropriate.

He clarified that after a year in Atlanta, Sony had gotten him to collaborate with some of the top producers, but when it didn’t work out, he made the decision to go back to Nigeria.

He went back to his original producers because, in his words, they understood his music and he told them of his ambition to write successful songs. This led to the creation of his hit single, IF.

In his words…

“When I first came, they put me with some producers, but it didn’t work out, we dropped an EP under Sony, my first project; ‘failure, failure’ to my standards. Some people might see it as success but to my standard that wasn’t it.”


See some Netizens  Reactions here:

@Oladapomikky1 said; Davido indirectly said P-Square, 2face, and Dbanj paved the way for the likes of Burna, Wizkid, and himself. Give this man his flowers

@kjasuquo; This is real

Facts about this interview:

He recognized that he didn’t make it on his own. People paved way for him

He recognized that future generations will be bigger than him because it is still evolving

He recognized the failure of his first EP under Sony

@official_adags; You see the fact that he recognizes there are people that paved way for him. That’s a real man right there

@bellarus007; First time I am listening to Davido and he is making plenty sense 😊

@AustinRVXT; Davido is single-handedly the most important voice of Nigerian music. He’s miles apart and above the other two in this regards. You can feel how much of an ambassador he is of the country when he gets to speak about the music and culture abroad

He always sees it as an opportunity to sell and not disparage the music nor center himself in the picture. Posterity will have nice things to remember and emulate about David.

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