Eniola Ajao explains why Bobrisky won Best Dressed Female and apologizes to Femi Adebayo [VIDEO]


Eniola Ajao, a Nigerian actress and filmmaker, has finally spoken out about Bobrisky’s issue.

Ajanaku: Beast of Two Worlds, the movie star’s much awaited debut, took place on Sunday, to a packed house of celebs, according to STREETCATED. Many people had shown out in creative costumes, and much to everyone’s astonishment, Bobrisky won the title of Best Dressed Female of the evening. She then went home with a million dollar cheque, which infuriated a lot of people.

Drama erupted on the internet following the crossdresser’s victory, as Toyin Abraham, Portable, Dayo Amusa, and others engaged in conflict with her. The entire affair took a new turn when Femi Adebayo and Dayo Amusa got into a public altercation over the movie star declaring Bobrisky the winner.

Eniola revealed in an interview with Arise News TV that Bobrisky’s selection as the winner was a calculated decision, as it was all part of a PR stunt and marketing plan to support her film. She mentioned that the crossdresser is a contentious figure, which is why she chose to give him the Best Dressed Female title in an effort to increase awareness of her project.

Eniola Ajao observed that Femi Adebayo, who was unaware of her plans and was merely attempting to assist her by serving as the evening’s presenter, is the target of criticism from the public. She said,

It was all joke, we wanted to have fun. We wanted people to talk about the movie. My team and I decided that the movie needed to be talked about and for it to be in the faces of people and we decided to give it to Bobrisky because he is a controversial person. At the end of the day, people started talking about it, but some people are trying to come at Femi Adebayo, who is my boss. He wasn’t even aware of so many things that were going on. I only called him to help me announce this, he wasn’t part of the judges or anything”.

She expressed her sincere regret to Femi Adebayo in her caption, saying that no one should be in such circumstance because he was merely standing by a coworker who he thought of as his sister. In addition, Dayo Amusa and anyone else who could have been hurt by the outcome received an apology from Eniola Ajao.

Her video description read:

Hey fam, I was on @arisenewsofficial today to promote the most-anticipated movie of the season, @ajakajumovie and I touched on the trending issue of best-dressed female at the premiere

I appreciate all women all around the globe. You all are strong, bold, powerful, fierce, and monumental. Nothing in the world, not my decisions or that of anyone can take that away from you. Please, guys, take it easy on my boss @femiadebayosalami, all he did was to support his sister and things went south – a position nobody deserves to find themselves in. I apologize to him, @dayoamusa, and to EVERYONE who feels offended about how everything turned out. Please, don’t throw the baby away with the bathwater

Thanks for the unwavering love and support! Come March 29, I can’t wait for you all to see @ajakajumovie and you will be glad you did. Spread the word – BEAST OF TWO WORLDS is coming!!!!”.


Watch her speak here;

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