“Fastest way to ruin your life” –Williams Uchemba talks about the widely shared footage of Yahoo boys at a shrine.

Williams Uchemba, a well-known comedian and actor, responds to a disturbing video that shows Yahoo Boys participating in money rituals at a shrine.

Uchemba posted the video of these young men identifying as “Yahoo Plus” practitioners and employing occult techniques to draw consumers on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Uchemba responded by denouncing the adolescents’ use of such dubious methods to achieve rapid money and highlighting the serious repercussions.

The actor disclosed how this method of accumulating fortune is like a deal with the devil, who demands a high price before giving them such wealth.

Williams Uchemba issued a warning, saying that those who choose these routes are directing themselves toward an eternity of torment.

He also responded to the skepticism of many who question the veracity of juju by claiming that it is true and exists as claimed.


THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE. When you hear the sins of the fathers that is passed down to their children, this is it. These guys are the fathers and they are creating generational curses for their children unborn. In case you are young and looking to follow this path, I have just one thing to say to you, IT WONT END WELL,” he captioned the video.


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