Femi Branch requests a dispute resolution from Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo [VIDEO]

Celebrity Femi Branch, who is from Nigeria, has called on fellow actors Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo to resolve their disagreements over the scandal surrounding crossdresser Bobrisky’s win of the best-dressed female award at Eniola Ajao’s film premiere.

Femi Adebayo declared that Bobrisky had won best dressed female at a movie screening, which sparked the dispute.

Speaking about the dispute between the two actors who are fighting over the award’s decision, Femi Branch posted a video to his Instagram account.

The Iwaju actor claimed to have spoken with Dayo and Femi and that they ought to reconcile.

The actor goes on to exhort the audience to put more effort into marketing Eniola’s movie rather than the dispute surrounding the winner who dressed the best.

The 53-year-old went on to say that he would have agreed to declare Bobrisky the winner if Eniola Ajao had begged him to do so. Femi Brach stated:

“What Femi Adebayo did could have happened to any of us. If I was to be at the event which I was supposed to be but I was working and that it was me Eniola called under to announce the winner and everything, you know the spur of the moment and he says okay… I would announce it, at that moment I won’t think of any implication or anything.

“I’m not trying to justify what anybody does, am saying that what Femi Adebayo did if I was there, I could have made that same mistake and I wouldn’t know that at that point in time that it was a mistake.”

Watch him speak here:

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