Femi Otedola’s mother, Lady Doja, elicits responses as she prays for her son’s vehicle and driver, saying, “God bless our mothers.”

When Lady Doja, the mother of well-known Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, was seen praying for her son’s drivers and trucks, it caused quite a commotion on social media.

The new video’s caption states, “There’s a woman behind every successful man—it could be your wife or mother—.” Otedola’s mother offers her prayers for the cars and drivers her son owns.

Reacting to the post..


@Richie d great said: “Great mother, a joy of mother is to see his son keep going forward. she says every driver that will drive this trucks will end up buying his own God’s Grace will follow them. God bless our mother.”

@user9105857160277 wrote: “Nigeria my country is this right? blessing the truck and spraying the drivers with water all in the name of blessing but if it’s not otedola mom is something else.”

@user6975377926769 reacted: “Aameena yah Allah, she is such a nice woman, she has good heart that is reason she is having good children. i wish her more life with sounds health.”

Watch video here;


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