Get up and hustle – Yul Edochie expresses concern against entitlement


The famous Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has spoken out against entitled Nigerians, urging them to work hard and avoid being lazy.

The gospel preacher criticized entitlement in a post on his Instagram page, emphasizing that no one owes anyone anything.

Only the money that one has worked so hard to get should be theirs.

He continued by saying that telling other people how to spend their money while kicking back at home is just inappropriate.

Despite his repeated sermons on the importance of helping others, Yul Edochie asserts that he is against laziness.

His words: “Nobody owes you anything. The only money you’re entitled to is the one you have worked for. You can’t sit in your home & tell another person how to spend their money. I preach help always, but I don’t support laziness. Get up and hustle.”


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judy_the_kpekus_giver stated: “Exactly. That’s why our queen is choping her money UNAPOLOGETICALLY. She owes no one any explanation . .to add to what you said. According to queen may 2024 she said no work no chop”

larry.derek_.23 claimed: “U go apologize to may tire she won’t forgive you”

belinakamanda said: “Tell judy to hustle not just sitting home and making juju for you”

robe.rtson6341 wrote: “Not everyone was born to hustle like a slave . Some people were born to partner with God hence working smart not hard @yuledochie”

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