“God have mercy!” – Enioluwa Causes Uproar by Eating a Large Plate of Soup and 100 wraps of Fufu in One Sitting.

Following the release of a new video of himself, renowned Nigerian Instagram influencer Enioluwa has been called one of the nation’s most sought-after gluttons.

In response to a widely shared video in which he was called an adult star, Enioluwa shows that he has moved on with fresh material that he has produced.

Today, Influencer Enioluwa raised a few eyebrows on his verified Instagram profile by devouring fufu wraps shaped like mountains and the soup that went with it.

Enioluwa was seen in the video consuming multiple fufu wraps along with a plate of soup containing a variety of meats in one location—all without ever throwing up.

As anticipated, the Enioluwa video caused a stir online. While some called him a glutton because they could not believe what they were seeing, others questioned where Enioluwa was keeping the food in his body, revealing that the influencer has refused to gain weight.


Check out the video below.


Reacting to the post;


kokobykhloe: Do you need help ? Cos at this point this is something else . Ahhhh eni 😂.

toolzo: We need to call EFCC for you.

iamdikeh: I would have thrown up 50 times tf!.

iamshaffybello: Haaaaaaaa! Egbami Enioluwaaa!!!

jemimaosunde: Praying for you always my friend, And the person that is packing your soak away.

mory_coco: God have mercy!

ms_yudee: I feel like throwing up just by watching you eat that much. How!!!!.

thearinolao: Eni kini gbogbo eleyi now?!??? Jeeez.

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