“Guys no dey get shame again?” – Reactions when Zlatan Ibile collects his headgear and shoves a supporter off stage.

Raphael Omoniyi Temidayo, better known by his stage name Zlatan Ibile, is a Nigerian rapper and musician. He recently made headlines again when he got into a fight with a fan during a performance.

A video that has gone viral on the internet shows the “Cash App” singer giving his fans an amazing performance and winning them over with his songs.

As Zlatan was entertaining the crowd, a male fan burst into excitement and rushed forward to the singer on stage.

Zlatan was not amused by his demeanor and booted him off the stage, sparking an internet discussion. While they were fighting, the man took off Zlatan’s white cap.

The father of one went to get the headgear even though the young man had pleaded for it. Social media users were quick to share their opinions in the comment area of the video as it quickly became viral online.


Watch video here…


Reacting to the post..


@sean_build said, “Make him thank God say no be my ODG.. Timberland for don reach him teeth”.

@emekatoyourribs said, “I was the fan, he was so petty to have asked me to return his cap of how much kwanu?”.

@aaronwalkerr_ said, “Guys no deh get shame again ?”

@alex.emendu said, “No because that’s disrespectful pulling his cap from his head like that💀”.

@obihood1 said, “Some guys go just dey behave anyhow dey embarrass theirselves”.

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