Hilda Baci is dragged by VeryDarkMan for disappearing from thousands of Nigerians after receiving N35k for her cookery class.

Popular Nigerian activist VeryDarkMan accused Hilda Baci, the holder of the Guinness World Record, of taking money from individuals under false pretenses in a recent video.

Hilda Baci is accused by VeryDarkMan in a recent video of collecting N35K for a cooking class from thousands of Nigerians before abandoning them all.

VeryDarkMan claims that Hilda Baci has neglected to hold any courses for the hundreds of Nigerians who have registered with their N35K, despite the fact that the online culinary class was scheduled to start on March 22nd, 2024.

Hilda Baci had apologized, according to VDM, for not starting the cooking masterclass on March 22, 2024, and she said she would start four days later.

Thousands of Nigerians who paid 35k apiece were likewise told by Hilda Baci that registration concluded on March 28, 2024, suggesting that there would be no classes until further notice.

In the video, VDM said Hilda Baci still hasn’t addressed the online cooking masterclass or publicly apologized to the hundreds of people who paid N35k to attend.

Since many people have already expressed dissatisfaction over not being included to any Telegram or WhatsApp groups, the activist chastised Hilda Baci for neglecting to check her comment section or direct message.

In the VDM chat, a number of applicants expressed doubt about Hilda Baci’s cooking class and said they thought they would be professionals by now and be able to support themselves via it.

They went on to say that Hilda Baci’s team is not responding to them.

Speaking to Hilda Baci, VeryDarkMan pleads with the Guinness World Record holder not to risk her standing, saying that the most recent event seems suspicious.

VeryDarkMan went on to advise Hilda Baci to either refund the N35K that thousands of Nigerians had given her or launch an online cookery course. The activist warned Hilda Baci that she would have to learn the hard way and that her brand’s reputation would suffer if she didn’t complete one of them.

Watch the video below.


Reacting to the post…


@baff_ups__designs: But people sha, why pay 35k for an online class when you have YouTube on your smart phone ? That’s just dumb.

@asabasnailfarm: He Spoke the Honest Truth but yet so many hateful comments… Anyways we Breed Healtht Large Snails and ship Abroad…

@mandy__chuk: If this one shock you gather here.

@threalmaya_amaka: God take vdm and give us Jp fr.

@chinwelicious: Has this unscrupulous individual conducted his research? Goodness! Now I’m convinced that when you achieve a certain level of success, there will always be individuals willing to pay others to undermine you! Incredible!

@bobo_tremor: Some Nigerians can be sentimental, like you guys don’t think. VDM is fighting for a little change he can make and you all just out here hating on him, like for real? make una use common sense.

@fw.nonso’: People obviously reported to him, he’s speaking on their behalf and we all know he doesn’t work without receipt

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