Hilda Baci refutes VeryDarkMan’s allegation that she deceived her online cooking class participants.

Guinness World Record holder Chef Hilda Baci has spoken out in a new post following accusations by activist VeryDarkMan that she was a fraudster who was providing an online cooking class.

Hila Baci is confronted by VeryDarkMan (VDM) on April 23, 2024, disclosing that the chef stole N35k for a cooking class from hundreds of Nigerians before abandoning them all.

The Hilda Baci online cooking class was scheduled to start on March 22nd, 2024, but VeryDarkMan claims that the chef delayed it until four days later and abstained from providing the online cooking lesson to individuals even after receiving N35K from thousands of people.

Speaking next in the video, VDM charges Hilda Baci with defrauding individuals of their money.

To prevent her from harming her brand’s name, he encouraged Hilda Baci to either start the thousands of people’s online cooking lesson or, better yet, return the money.

In response, Hilda Baci used her Instagram food page, my food by Hilda, to refute the VDM claim that she had deceived people into believing she was offering an online cooking class.

In a video, Hilda Baci shares her receipt and reveals that 5880 pupils have enrolled in the online culinary course since it began.

156 recipes have already been posted, according to Hilda Baci, and a thorough editing class has been completed.

Hilda Baci stated that the official task has been provided and the plating class has concluded.

“5880 active students 156 recipes already posted comprehensive editing class done,” she wrote to go along with the video.

Finished the plating class. Given an official assignment, LOL.

A fast calculation reveals that 5880 pupils gave N35,000 apiece, which means Hilda Baci had already amassed N205.8M, whereas VeryDarkMan was unable to verify his information before releasing a video.

View the post that Hilda Baci shared below.


reacting to the post;


op_rah_mara: They didn’t say you arent holding a class hilda, theyyy paid on the website but they are still yet to get their links. It is true that you and your team find it hard to reply to people who have complaints bfr!!!!! I complained toooooo.

starryigwe: People should learn to research properly before setting ring light.

mrtrilllife: There’s probably just been some miscommunication somewhere. There’s no way she would intentionally leave people out of this.

mayowa__elizabeth: It’s so sad vdm doesn’t even confirm certain things before posting.

classic_tiwatope: Why are you replying someone that’s useless.

sterphani__: I was wondering where he got his information from.

oluwateniola.__: I’m currently a student in the Home to Pro class and everything in this video is true. We weren’t ghosted, chef Hilda shares recipes every day and even interact with us.

tiana_cuisine: I am a student of Hilda Baci Academy, group 2, class 2024 April edition.

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