“How my career became hampered by fear of social media backlash” — Cardi B

Cardi B, an American rapper, talks about how her career was impacted by her fear of social media reaction.

In an open discussion with Complex 360 with Speedy Series, Cardi discussed the struggles she faced, the mental battles she fought, and how she overcome the dread that threatened to destroy her career and artistic ability.

Known for her boisterous style and positive outlook, Cardi B revealed a more compassionate side throughout the conversation.

The mother of two disclosed that the constant barrage of negative feedback and hurtful remarks on social media sites has a profound effect on her, discouraging her from engaging in her personal life and abilities, even with her enormous popularity and millions of admirers.

She claimed that the pressure to consistently provide hits and uphold a particular image caused her to experience anxiety.

She stated;


“I just feel like I lost myself with everything.

“A lot of music commenters and everything and a lot of people just be like, ‘She’s afraid to drop an album, she’s afraid to drop music.

“Like last year, I barely dropped music.

“It’s just like I was just afraid to do everything.”

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