Humorous moment Portable jumps gate to evade arrest

Many internet users have found enjoyment in the video of Nigerian artist Portable hopping over a spikey gate to avoid being arrested.

After a vehicle dealer to whom the singer owed money filed a complaint, the artist was placed under arrest.

With a down payment of N27 million, Portable had started the process of buying a G-Wagon from the dealer, promising to pay the whole balance in due course.

But when the dealer questioned him about it, he broke his word and said the vehicle had mechanical problems.

The performer allegedly failed to cooperate, even after being asked to return the vehicle or pay the outstanding debt.

The dealer then called the police, which resulted in Portable’s apprehension.

A spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command has verified that, despite his initial success in escaping, he has now been captured.

View the video below;

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