“I just dey start” — Sharon Ooja is ready to humiliate single people by saying things like “my husband.”

At a recent wedding, famed Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja warmly acknowledged her husband’s appreciation for her outfit.

She expressed her thanks to God for her happy marriage via her Snapchat account, which included stunning photos of her that her husband really loved.

She shared gorgeous pictures of herself on social media and wrote a provocative remark saying her hubby loves them.

“My husband’s wife,” and “My Husband loves these pictures,” she wrote.

A friend of Sharon’s made a lighthearted comment about how she planned to bombard single people with her married life.

This girl warned us o! She warned us. She told us she will finish us with “my husband my husband”. Justice for single pringles,”  her friend stated.

Sharon Ooja wrote back, stating; “Lmfao something wey I just dey start.”


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