I live within my means, my Benz is eighteen years old – Speed Darlington makes fun of Portable

The controversial singer Speed Darlington has attacked his colleague Portable after the latter was arrested for not paying a car loan.

Remember that Portable failed to pay back a debt he incurred after purchasing a G-Wagon from a nearby auto dealer, and as a result, the Lagos State Police Command placed him under arrest on Tuesday.

Speed Darlington made fun of Portable in a sarcastic manner for trying to live up to her star status while having financial difficulties.

“You see Portable jumping the fence? He’s in trouble! A Yoruba superstar can’t even afford a Benz [laughs].”

Speed Darlington Living within his means is something he takes great pride in, as evidenced by the fact that his outstanding 18-year-old Benz.

Speed Darlington emphasized his financial discipline by saying:

“Nobody is looking for me; everything is cash and carry. I don’t bite off more than I can chew. Portable flaunted his GLE, but he couldn’t pay for it. My Benz may be 18 years old, but I have peace of mind. I can’t jump the fence like Portable.”

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