“I have tested both Christianity and Islam,” Mr. Macaroni reveals the type of religion he has tried.

Popular content maker Debo Adebayo, well known by his alias Mr. Macaroni, has shared intriguing personal tales on Biola Bayo’s podcast, Talk to B.

The actor, who graduated from college last year, claims he is not religious. His mother is Christian, but his father practices Islam.

He said that as soon as he gets up, he always commits everything to God and gives it his all.

In the Q&A session with Bayo, Mr. Macaroni expressed his confidence in his ability to achieve.

The accomplished actor, who hasn’t been in a relationship in ten years, mentioned how many successful people he knows who don’t practice religion.

Netizens responded to Mr Macaroni revelation during the interview. Here are some of the comments below.

@biz.suzy: “When I wake up every morning I pray to God to not do anything that we hurt anyone.”

@theyomilabi: “You see that audition part, e no lie.”

@_kissbally: “Daddy wa.”

@officialgraceodaboh: “@mrmacaroni1 we call u papa and call ur sister mama if u remember in tender care .”

@its_mjay86: “The only sensible man in comedy industry that I know. Don’t come for me else Ogun lo ma pa e.”

@tbjohn93: “He was making sense from the beginning but towards the end I no feel am again.”

@iam_themmyy: “He speaks so well.”

@gbolaclassic: “U are right at some point, but trust me u need to have a way of true worship to God, he owns ur life bros.”

@bukkiesteph: “I agree with him, the survival trait is seeming a curse.”

@kemiafolabiadesipe: “I love you @mrmacaroni1.”

@magnifizent_clothings: “Nigerians when are we going to stop surviving and start living. Word.”

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