“I wish I had found love before fame” – Spyro

Appealing The Nigerian singer Spyro has said that he is now having trouble finding love since he doesn’t know who is truly in love with him.

The singer of “Who Is Your Guy” expressed remorse about not finding love prior to his rise to fame.

Spyro recently stated in a chat with Drip Check:“I wish I had found love before now.

As a celebrity, you are scared because you don’t even know who loves you for what you are or who you are.”


Regarding his dream girlfriend, the ‘Who’s Your Guy’ singer stated:“I am attracted to intelligence. So when I talk to a woman that is not giving me that vibe, I have a big problem with that.”


Spyro claimed that his tendency to prioritize his profession over relationships is the reason he has had bad luck in relationships.

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