“I’ll rather die than to lose my virginity” — Lady states

A Nigerian woman who surprises everyone by revealing that she will never waver in her resolve to remain a virgin in the event that it comes down to it.

The young woman voiced her thoughts on a Join the Cruise podcast episode, and a sample was posted to their @jointhecruise Tiktok page.

She said that she doesn’t truly appreciate her virginity and that she just keeps it because of moral obligations. In fact, she says she probably would give it up if the circumstances were appropriate.

She would, however, prefer to pass away than lose it in a life-or-death scenario.

She argues that giving up her virginity is not a good enough excuse given the life-or-death situation.

She says that in a life-or-death scenario, whoever wins her virginity will have permanent authority over her, and she doesn’t want that.

The other contestants were taken aback by her response and didn’t hold back when they expressed their bewilderment.

Check out the video below.

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