I’m excited for more skits! – Taaooma, the creator of skits, shares her incredible encounter with American performers Terry Crews and King Bach.

Nigerian comedian and skits creator Maryam Apaokagi, often referred to as Taaooma, has shared her incredible encounter with actor Terry Crews and comedian King Bach, a Canadian-American.

Taaooma, who is well-known for playing several roles in her skits, shared her delight about working with Terry and Bach on her most recent comedy videos during an interview with content producer Egungun.

Recall how the internet was captivated by the 25-year-old comedy sensation’s flawless performance in the “Delivery guy” video featuring King Bach, which caused some controversy in her acting career.

This happens a few days after Terry Crews played a gym teacher in Taaooma’s hilarious short film, “No more crabs.”

She said in the interview that it was fun to work with Terry Crews and King Bach, and she can’t wait to record more sketches.

She even pledged to include more foreign personalities in her skits.

Taaooma continued by stating that one of the challenges she faced while performing multiple roles was getting ready for each character she wished to portray. She stated that she has worked in the comedy business for ten years.

She stated; “It’s already 10 years now. I shoot and edit my videos myself. It was very nice experience to shoot videos with Terry Crews and King Bach. I love it and I look forward for more”.

“I’m looking on to shoot with a lot of people as it comes but I don’t want to start mentioning names”.Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section.

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@_naifa_1 said, “Shey una na dey see say he no say spin around or jump up that’s is to say how you lay your bed is how you sleep on it”.

@pashotah said, “Iya Tao don slap my baby”.

@cynthia_salawu said, “I luv her, she is very hard working @taaooma”.

@obaksolo said, “Taaooo for short”.

@j.scenthouse said, “Tao. See her Ford truck. Truck cars are my fav”.


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