‘Instagram baddies’ have been neglected by Chef Derin since he started dating Saskay, he laments.

Chef Derin, Saskay’s boyfried and a former Big Brother Naija contestant, has expressed sorrow for not interacting more with his “Instagram beauties” since committing to the television reality show.

Remember Saskay’s social media post that included pictures of her spending time and enjoying a lunch with Chef Derin?

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After getting involved in Saskay’s relationship, Chef Derin admitted that he stopped interacting with his Instagram beauties.

But he expressed his regret to them and that he is glad he is seeing Saskay.

In his own words: “All my baddies for Instagram no Dey follow me talk again. Sorry fine Girl I’m taken”.

Here are some reactions from internet users:

TOO commented: “Funny how you’d be the first to cry ‘women don’t support women’ if the situation were reversed ”

Cierra Gold remarked: “Speaking as if your own partner isn’t equally stunning… Men can be quite embarrassing sometimes ‍♀️”

buttercups speculated: “He’s subtly asking the beauties to message him.”



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