Internet users respond to a moving moment First son of Junior Pope declined to cover his late father’s tomb with sand—VIDEO

A heartbreaking video shows the moment Junior Pope’s first kid, overcome with grief, declined to place sand on his father’s tomb.

On April 10, Junior Pope perished in a tragic boat accident while traveling to a filming site.

On Friday, May 17, he was subsequently laid to rest. As a last act of respect, the cleric in the serving rounds video gave a spade to every member of Junior Pope’s family so they may pour sand into the grave.

Junior Pope’s first son was unable to carry out the custom, but his wife and two more children did.

Check out the video below:



Reacting to the post;

One @Vero wrote: “My son, I know it is painful to see yr dad being poured sand on. Don’t worry Jah will call and yr dad will answer someday. Yr dad will get up and embrace you all again. You and yr siblings will glow and grow by His grace. You are not alone My promising daughter died at the age of 29 and left a child less than two yrs old behind. I thought heaven and Earth will collide but it never happened. Today, the child she left behind is growing and glowing by His grace. It shall be well with you and your siblings and yr mother and yr grandma by His grace.”


@Gira wrote: “May your soul rest in God’ s eternal peace Junior pope. I shed tears as I type bc I have experienced this type of tragedy in 2014. Jah will be with you, in you, behind you around you and your siblings, mothers and other loved ones of yr father.”

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