Israel DMW’s response goes viral as a doctor offers ten advantages of marrying a virgin.

Israel Afeare, popularly known as Israel DMW, the logistics manager for singer Davido, sparked reactions when he responded to a doctor who went by the handle @FirstDoctor on social media platform X.

The doctor gave advice to men on why they should marry untouched women rather than promiscuous ones.

He listed ten advantages of marrying a virgin, including lower divorce rates, fewer psychological harm, and lighter emotional burdens.

The doctor went on to say that in addition to a woman having the highest regard for her husband, a guy would be less likely to get an infection and be less inclined to cheat.

This is what the post says:

If you have the choice, marry a virgin;

Less chances of divorce.

Less emotional baggage.

Less psychological damage.

Less ‘wokenized’.

Less risks of STIs.

Less likely to cheat.

Better respect for you.

Better morals and self control.

Stronger bond with you: they lose their pair bonding capacity as they rack up body counts.

Past behavior is a succinct predictor of future behavior. Little or nothing changes.

The more promiscuous, the more unmarriageable. The less promiscuous, the more peace.”

Israel, who wed his divorced wife Sheila Courage while still a virgin, responded to the suggestion on social media by posting the following subliminal message:



See Screenshot;


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