Justin Dean reveals with proof that Korra Obidi slept with her friend’s fiance while expecting Athena (VIDEO)

With startling allegations that US-based dancer Korra Obidi, his ex-wife, had an affair with her friend’s fiancé while expecting their second daughter, Athena, American chiropractor Justin Dean has ignited an internet frenzy.

The couple, who were married in 2018 and are now parents to two children, separated in March 2022, but their turbulent post-divorce story has kept tabloids interested.

Unexpectedly, on the fateful Wednesday of April 17, Justin forcefully defended his position as a loving husband to Korra by sharing what he believes to be the unvarnished “truth” about their separation on his Facebook page.

The doctor claimed that once Korra received her green card, he noticed a discernible shift in her demeanor and that she started behaving out in their marriage.

In addition, he claimed that Korra had slept with her friend’s fiance at the time she was expecting their second child, Athena.

Just five months into the pregnancy of their second child, Athena Dean, Justin’s ex-wife fled to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding, a story that he described in graphic detail.

He then came found her Whatsapp conversations in which she seemed to have slept with her friend’s soon-to-be spouse.

According to Justin, this shocking discovery hit him like a ton of bricks and sent him into a tailspin of agony, which was made worse by the fact that they had announced their separation shortly after the birth of their second child.


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