Korra Obidi was hospitalized in the UK following an attack with acid and a knife.

Popular dancer and singer Korra Obidi was attacked in the UK with acid and a knife, and she was admitted to the hospital.

The singer was captured on camera in excruciating pain as she talked about the horrific event and what transpired during the vicious attack.

When the singer opened her door to leave while doing a live broadcast, a stranger with a knife and acid came up to her.

In the footage, the singer kept pleading, questioning why the attacker had such a terrible intent against her and whether or not she was intended to kill her.

Korra Obidi shared a video of the attack, she expressed:

Currently in an ambulance to the hospital, there was a knife, acid attack on me in the UK 🇬🇧 in the middle of a live stream. There’s been a lot of hate in the past but this physical assault is a wake up call. If you have any information as to the attacker, black female. 5 foot.”


Watch the video below:


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